My private consults involve you the owner, your family and your dog. These sessions are more about teaching the humans in the pack to do the training yourself.

The focus of these consults, is to assess your pup and home environment, identify any underlying issues that might be driving the behavious you want to address (eg. anxiety) and to give you strategies and exercises to help deal with your dog’s behaviours and underlying issues.  Or we can simply work on general obecience, teaching you how to effectively train your pooch in a fun, positive way.

With over 10 years experience training dogs with a wide range of temperaments, breeds and ages, Dan can help improve the relationship between you and your furry family member.

Dan uses modern methods of training, primarily positive reinforcement, as opposed to out-dated dominant/force based dog training techniques which can increase anxiety in the dog and can have a negative impact on the relationship between dog and owner.

NDTF certified (Australia’s only nationally recognised professional dog trainer certification). Before deciding on a dog trainer, check for qualifications.



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* Call out fee: Free within 10km, then $2/km thereafter

* Rates are subject to change without prior notice

Positive Reinforcement Dog Training